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Negotiate the job offer to win By Alex Freund

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Negotiate the job offer to win You wanted this job so bad, and finally the offer arrived. The adrenaline is flowing freely, and you feel like sharing the good news with the entire world—certainly with those who contributed to…
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Myth About Workplace Rights By Alison Green

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Think you have that workplace right? Think again! By Alison Green Most people think they know what rights they have at work – but they’re frequently wrong. Workplace law isn’t always intuitive, and just because something is unkind or…
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MBTI What Is It? Why You Should Use It in Your Career Search by Alex Freund

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a tool in your career search There are a number of very good tests of personality type on the market, and as a career coach I always recommend that people in transition explore the results…
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Best Advice on Career Change By Robin Shlinger

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Best Advice on a Career Change If you’ve been out of work for a while, you may decide that what you need is a career change. The success of that approach depends on your answers to five important questions.…
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Resume/CV Checklist By Susan Resnick

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RESUME CHECKLIST Your Resume represents you, so make it the best. Like all other important documents, your resume must be perfect to be effective. Take out your resume, and check it against this handy checklist. Get The Job You…
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Searching For A Job: Part VI- By Elliot Lasson Ph.D

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Responses and Feedback from Employers or Other Parties After applying for a position, the waiting game begins. If there is a closing date for applications, it is likely that you will not hear back until a period of time…
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Dont Be Fooled by the Job Description By Alex Freund

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Don’t be Fooled by the Job Description by Alex Freund As an executive job coach, an important part of my job is training my clients how to prepare for interviews. During this training, I am often handed the job…
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How NOT TO Write a Cover Letter By Michael Rosner

  • srulie rosner small
How NOT to Write a Cover Letter By Michael Rosner Logic would dictate that when one answers a job posting, they would enclose a cover letter. In brief a cover letter is formulated to fit the job you are…
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Looking For A Job? By Kera Greene M.Ed.

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Looking for a job? In the current job market it is not so easy to find a job. The competition is global and it is important to stand out from the crowd. Here are some hints to help you…
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Getting Your Resume Noticed By Avi Singer

Getting Your Resume Noticed As the manager for a recruiting team that has hired over 150 people over the past 2 years, I have come across thousands of resumes. This is aside from the thousands of profiles I have…
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