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The Job Hunter-Why Bother? Part 1 by Rabbi Mordechai Kruger

  • kruger picture
The Job Hunter Article #1: Why Bother? The first question that anyone starting a job search these days asks is, “Why bother?” Anyone who can open a newspaper or a browser sees the headlines every day, and they aren’t…
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444 Most Popular Job Interviewer Questions To Prepare Yourself With

  • get noticed
Reposted from Job Mob. http://jobmob.co.il/ 444 Most Popular Job Interviewer Questions To Prepare Yourself With These sample job interview questions have all been asked many times, and will be again. Some of these questions are what you’d expect. Some…
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Business Buzzwords- The Professional Words that Should Appear in Your Resume/CV

  • srulie rosner small
This list was forwarded to me. Please use WISELY! Business “Buzzwords” The following is a list of “buzzwords” which convey tasks and experience in more of a professionally normative way. These words should appear, as relevant, within resumes and…
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Resume Key Words- The Key to be Found- Alex Freund

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Résumé Keywords Are the Keys to Be Found Most of the résumés employers receive either as hard copies or that are uploaded electronically reside in databases. If those databases were in graphic form, each résumé would resemble a lonely…
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What Not to Do: Countdown of Four Things to Avoid on Your Resume

  • robin1small
What Not to Do: Countdown of Four Things to Avoid on Your Resume Number four in our countdown of things not to do on your resume is keyword spam. Modern Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)—the software that “reads” resumes to…
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How to Turn Networking into Interviews by Alex Freund

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People in transition know that 60 to 80 percent of job seekers get their next positions through networking. Consequently and whenever possible, they focus their daily activities on such networking. But despite their—sometimes admittedly awkward—efforts, nothing comes of it.…
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Discovering a New Phrase Thank You by Michael Rosner

  • rosner srulie 2
Thank You-A Newly Minted Phrase? By Michael Rosner Thank(s) - to express feelings of gratitude to somebody or be grateful to somebody- Encarta It never ceases to amaze me how people, self included, take things for granted. Whether it’s…
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Dont Ask Dont Tell Dont Get a Job by Alex Freund

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Get a Job Don’t misunderstand the title of this blog. It’s not about sexual preference. It’s about networking. Every morning, when I take my walk, I observe groups of teenagers waiting at street corners…
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Secrets to a Stellar Video Resume by Eugene Lim

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You can see this post directly by going to http://bit.ly/P7SE9X by Eugene Lim (link to LinkedIn) Marketing Intern, Software Advice The job hunt is becoming increasingly competitive, especially for new grads. One useful tool to set job seekers apart…
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While in Transition, Focus But on What

  • 101 newer
While in Transition, Focus--But on What? By ALEX FREUND I for one fully understand those in transition. I’ve been there at times myself--and for way too long. Life for the unemployed is hugely confusing. The quasi life equilibrium that…
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