Key Word Spam What it Means on a Resume/CV

May 29 '12

Keyword Spam: What It Means on a Resume

Keywords are those critical words that an employer will automatically expect to find on any resume from a job applicant. For example, if you are applying for an accountant position, the employer will expect to see the following words (among others): profit & loss (P&L), accounts receivable and cash flow. When the resume is searched electronically, those words had better show up or the resume will be rejected.

Keyword spam (also called keyword stuffing) occurs when your resume contains a list of all possible words that the employer might possibly search without any regard to your actual skills and achievements. Keyword spam tells nothing about you as a past and future employee; it does not set you apart from all the other candidates; it merely wastes the time of recruiters and hiring managers.

Some keyword spammers even write the key words in the same color as the resume background (for example, white words on a white background) so that the words are invisible to the human eye but can still be read by the computer.

Sooner or later, however, those words have to be backed up by real content—by real achievements, skills and knowledge. Spamming is just as abhorrent on a resume as it is on email.

If you have been relying on keyword spam to get your resume noticed, contact Robin’s Resumes® today. I can show you a better way