Resume Cliches: What to Avoid and Why By Robin ShlingerTitle

Feb 23 '12

Resume Cliches: What to Avoid and Why

Recently, a LinkedIn question asked about the ten most common (and least appreciated) resume clichés. Among the candidates were: results driven, detail oriented and team player.

When I write a resume, I’m less concerned with cliché words than cliché information. The words “team player” are perfectly fine to use, if your achievements and skills back them up. The examples in your resume should show what you’ve achieved as part of a team and should make you stand out from other candidates with similar claims.

Compare these two descriptions using the cliché “strategic thinker”:

  • Strategic thinker: Able to come up with new approaches to serve the needs of customers.
  • Strategic thinker: Redirected business resources into products with larger payback, driving an additional $150,000 in annual sales.

The details in the second bullet prove that the candidate does indeed think strategically. Those details change “strategic thinker” from a cliché into a very valuable skill.

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