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Mission Statement

The OU Job Board –  www.oujobs.org  – is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people find successful employment opportunities and placements. The Job Board posts jobs, hosts resumes, and offers employment enhancement programs and services in the form of online classes, seminars, webinars, job fairs, resume review events, career counseling, mentoring and much more. We are also the conduit to local social service and “chesed” organizations to provide more comprehensive employment help and assistance in your area. We also act as a facilitator in employment, educational and legal matters.

ur goals are to:


Become the “place to go” for help in one’s professional life. We stand by our motto of  “Changing Your Life- Forever.”


Facilitate career enhancement programs and services throughout the US, Canada and  Israel.


Provide comprehensive employment help by partnering with social service organizations.

  Help YOU, and let you know that there is someone out there that cares and wants to provide you with strength and guidance when you need it.

Privacy Policy


The OU Job Board - www.oujobs.org  -  maintains a strong commitment to the privacy of all our users, and strives to ensure an experience that is completely safe and secure.

The OU Job Board publishes resumes, jobs, and statistics on who did and didn’t get jobs. We share no other information. Any statistics we collect are kept completely anonymous and used only for metrics.

Only verified approved employers can review resume information, but have no access to any other personal information, unless the job seeker leaves personal information in the body of the resume.

We store our information on a secure server that is only accessible by OU Job Board staff members, and approved employers who can view resumes only.


Terms of Use



To be considered an approved employer, an employer must register through www.oujobs.org and answer all required fields. Password and login information are confidential and cannot be accessed by the OU Job Board.

As a verified employer you have a right to post jobs and view resumes.


osting Jobs:


You can post any job you’d like as long as the job is verifiable and ready to fill. Any job with Saturday work required that leaves no option to work on an alternative day will not be accepted.


No jobs with an email or web link in the job description will be accepted. The email you entered when you created your account is where your applications will automatically be sent. You can replace this with a different email, if you prefer, when you are posting your job in the field that says “Contact email.” If the candidate must apply through a web link, you can insert the link when you are posting the job in the field that says “Apply website.”


If it’s determined your jobs are spam, unverifiable or fraudulent in nature, your account will be terminated and we will prosecute criminal action to the fullest extent of the law.


By registering as an employer you agree to comply with our policy to supply information as to whether or not the job has been filled after 10 days since it’s been posted. A reminder email will be sent after 10 days for this information, and will be sent again repeatedly until a reply is received. Failure to reply after 30 days will result in the removing of your job posting(s) and termination of your account.


All jobs will expire after 30 days, however, you can renew your listing by responding to an email you will receive prior to the job’s expiration.



  The OU Job Board will strive to make sure you get quality resumes that match your job specifications. We do this by monitoring resumes that go through the Job Board and we will remove spammed resumes that don’t comply. We do this for your benefit.


Job Seekers

To be considered a registered job seeker, a job seeker must register through www.oujobs.org and answer all required fields. Password and login information are confidential and cannot be accessed by the OU Job Board.

Job seekers have a right to search any and all jobs and to reply with a resume to any job they see which they are qualified for.  All job seekers also have the right to join online classes, job fairs, webinar/seminars and all OU Job Board events as a registered member.

Job seekers who repeatedly send resumes out to jobs they are unqualified for are considered spammers and their account will be terminated.

Job seekers agree to contact the Job Board should they receive a job offer or job through the OU Job Board, or if they gain employment from another source, so we can update our statistical metrics.

Please see the front page for different accesses and rules for paid vs. unpaid job seekers.




The OU Job Board website, located at the web address www.oujobs.org, is provided to you as is.

The copyright owner, staff and associates of the OU Job Board and the Orthodox Union (OU) will not be held legally responsible for any resume content or job postings.

The copyright owner, staff and associates of the OU Job Board and the OU have no legal responsibilities for the outcome results of responses to any resumes or job postings, or any other direct or indirect consequences that result from using www.oujobs.org.

Although the OU Job Board does take extraordinary steps to ensure quality content, the OU Job Board cannot guarantee resume information or job postings as accurate. Employers are expected to interview candidates to verify resume accuracy.

Any and all product guarantees or warnings, stated or implied, that may be listed in resumes or job postings, are disclaimed by the copyright owner, staff and associates of The OU Job Board and the OU to the fullest extent of the law.

© 2011 Orthodox Union
All Rights Reserved.

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